2022-12-06 – Updated information on the 818GDT made in Korea.
2022-11-09 – Started working on the pages again. Thanks for all mails and messages. I’ve done som modellist update on MIK
2022-11-09 – New layout on the topimage, and now this page is for all the Vantage-brands. I’ll try to update the new China-models as soon as I see one. (If you have any info about them, please send it to me).
2020-11-18 – Frank just sent me some nice pictures of his CL 10 LT, Acoustic Craviola. Now there is 5 models of them on this list!!
2020-11-09 – Updated specs on the VP-830.
2020-11-09 – A SG-copy with Vantage-logo hit the “Inbox”. It was made in China.
2020-11-09 – Thank you Steven, for your donation!!
2020-11-09 – Updated specs and pics of the VA-15-DK.
2020-11-09 – Added more pics of the VE-550.
2020-11-08 – A new China-Vantage just showed up V0017
2020-11-08 – Just added 4 banjos to the Korean-list. Take a look!!
2020-10-26 – Denis sent us some really cool pictures of his Avenger AV28E. Look at this!! I have no words!!.
2020-10-25 – Vincent sent some us nice pictures of his V-338T. Check it out!!.
2020-10-14 – Lionnel sent me some custum designed FV-575 and 418 T. The FV-575 was a kind of cool..
2020-10-12 – Dan sent me some really nice HQ-pictuers of his VP-795. Check it out!!
(FYI: Click on a picture in the gallery. Right-click on the picture, and copy the pictureadresse into your browser. Hit “Enter” and enjoy!)
2020-10-11 – Mark Wood sent me some real HQ-pictuers of a VLP-550. Check it out!!.
2020-09-27 – Got some nice pictures from Mark of his VIS-1.
2020-09-27 – Three more models on the list. All Korean: YS-500, YS-510 and YS-511.
2020-03-12 – There are 4 variation of the Invader II-model. Thay do not make it easy…
2020-03-11 – Received some nice pictures of the VA-50S. Takker så mye!!
2020-02-16 – I’ve never heard about the 830G. But here it is. Nice!!
2020-02-05 – WOW!! Look at this beauty. The 12-strings VS-696-12. Thanks, Michael for the pics!!
2020-02-04 – Got some pictures sent to me of the VA-10-DK.. Thanks, KO!!
2020-01-29 – If you put a tremolo on a AV-315.. Is it a new model? AV-315-T??
2020-01-29 – Take a look at this Korean 820GDT! Nice!!
2020-01-22 – Gabriel asked me a question about the VKS-11. So I made a new page. Thank you.
2020-01-14 – Got some pictures of the VT-60.
2020-01-07 – The “V Series” is listed up. But only V-325T have some information.
2020-01-06 – Got some pictures of the VP-750. Thanks Gordon.
2020-01-05 – I just put the VST-33-CE-TBL on the list over Korean-made Vantage.
2019-10-27 – I just put the 635V on the list over Korean-made Vantage.
2019-10-17 – I just updated the VP-695B-page.
2019-10-16 – Someone sent me some pictures of a VP-825.
2019-10-15 – Added a new model to the list: VIE-10 made in Korea
2019-09-25 – Added a link aboute the VSH-445
2019-08-26 – Got some awesome pictures of the VP-825B-FL (yes, fretless baby!!) Thanks, Kees!!
2019-06-19 – All 31 models of the VA-acoustic-series are now in place with specs inkluded
2019-06-16 – Specs update for VA-40C
2019-06-15 – Zachary sent me some pictures of this beauty: VA-40E
2019-06-10 – VP-710 just got some more information on its site
2019-06-09 – A bass known as VL-650B added to the list
2019-06-09 – VL-650BG from Korea just checked in.
2019-06-09 – Someone sent me some pictures of a VL-640B. “New” model for this site.
2019-05-30 – Found 8 models with ‘Vantage’-logo on which were made in China.
2019-05-15 – Someone sent me some pictures of a AV-330 Lefthand. “New” model for this site.
2019-05-15 – More pictures of the Standard 2 Bass
2019-05-15 – More pictures and specs of the 38-TD-X
2019-05-15 – Got some pictures of the Standard II.
2019-05-15 – Finaly got some pictures of the VE-570. Thanks, Adam.
2019-05-14 – Another Korean in “Da House”: DL-305.
2019-05-13 – Maurizio has sent us these beautiful pictures one of his re-painted DL-405. A work of art.
2019-04-11 – Two more models on the list: Standard II and Standard II bass. I’ll fill in the blanks later.
2019-04-09 – I’ve made some changes on the gallery-page.
2019-04-08 – I’ve had some annoying image size issues on the Gallery page for those who use Chrome. But I’ve finally fixed the problem.
2019-03-28 – Found some pictures of the norwegian band Minor Majority guitarist Jon Arild Stieng with his Vantage AV-325
2019-03-27 – Take a look at this video of a AV-325 in action.
2019-03-24 – A new model on the list. VJD-10 made by Samick in Indonesia. A dobro of all things. Nice!!
2019-03-10 – A new model on the list. VS-35CEB made by Samick in Korea
2019-02-19 – Two new models on the list. VT-115A made by Samick in Korea and VT-318 GTM also made by Samick in Korea
2019-02-14 – A new model on the list. This is the 111T made by Samick in Korea
2019-01-27 – If you have a Vantage guitar with a “Baseball” sticker on your neck. There is a high probability that you are Vantage made in Korea or Indonesia
2019-01-27 – I have not been reading what I have been written: Vantage were a Canadian brand, and a registered trademark for Jam Industries Ltd – Montreal/Canada, produced in Japan by Matsumoku. Later Vantage were produced by Samick in Korea and Indonesia. Now the brand has been produced in China. I will dig deeper into this history, when I’ve completed the modlegallery. With a little help form my friends …..
2018-12-16 – Anders Perrson with his VP-795 in action
2018-10-23 – Added more pictures of the VA-30-ACS. Thank you, Guillaume
2018-10-23 – Updated some information about the V-100.
2018-10-22 – Someone stripped a V-100 and found a set of V2-pickups. Nice!!
2018-09-06 – Added some soundcheck of the VA-900B.
2018-08-26 – Bernd from Holland gave us a little, but importen info about the tuners and the VLP-series.
2018-06-24 – Lemmy with a Vantage bass with Twisted Sisters at Reading Rock Festival ’82
2018-05-07 – Pictures of a “new” model was sendt to me. Vantage VA 35 CE. Thank you, David DV
2018-04-30 – Added more pictures of the VA-900. Thank you, Patrick
2018-04-03 – Many of you asks me about other Vantage-guitars than those made in Japan. So I started the work to find all the guitars with the Vantage-logo on. First out is this SG-copy: VG-405 made in Korea.
2018-03-14 – Found pictures of a VA-40-12 out for sale on ebay, and put them in the gallery. (I bought it…)
2018-02-19 – Just added a video of Robot Nick playing Dave’s Boogie. Here you can see the VA-900B in action
2018-02-12 – Didn’t have any pictures of the VW-160. So Brian sendt me some. Thank you!!
2018-02-08 – Added more pictures of the LTD (VLP-style). Thank you, Nelson
2018-01-30 – I made a new page called ‘Funny facts, pictures and videos’. It’s about using the Vantage guitars. If you got a picture, or seen anything: please send me an email, and I’ll share it here on this page.
2018-01-29 – Got an email with pictures of a 5-string Quest bass. That’s new to me!!. Thanks for the pictures, Ethan.
2018-01-24 – Added more pictures of the VS-600B-FL.
2018-01-22 – Someone sent me a lot for picture of this awesome looking VW-100. Thank you, Dave.
2018-01-14 – Someone sent me a lot for picture of this awesome looking VA-40N ATB. Thank you, Roger.
2017-12-19 – Added more pictures of the VSH-445.
2017-12-18 – Got an email form a guy who has a VSH-435, and he sent me some pictures.
Thanks you, Sebastien!!
2017-12-15 – Someone just bought an old V-102!!. (Coming back with more information later.) False alarm: Copy of a copy. 19/12-17
2017-12-14 – Added two videos from YouTube with the FV-575 in action.
2017-12-13 – Someone sent the right picture of X-33B. Thank you.
2017-12-11 – I put in a “new” bass on my list. 33B-X. More infomation later.
2017-12-06 – There’s a group on Facebook called “Vantage guitars kick ass!” and now and then a rare model is mentioned. I found some pics of the 99B-XHD-GX. Take a look, and thank you guys!!
2017-12-04 – VS-690: I had to correct some wrong information about this guitar. I’m sorry about that.
2017-12-03 – VP-790: I had to correct some wrong information about this guitar. I’m sorry about that.
2017-12-02 – Added a video from YouTube with the VA-900 in action.
2017-12-01 – Added two videos from YouTube with the VE-565 in action.
2017-11-30 – Updated the VA-10-LT.
2017-11-29 – Found an old review of the VA-800. (Don’t know witch
magazine or year)
2017-11-28 – Added more pictures of the VW-100.
2017-11-27 – Made a new site for the VA-50-LCET. Thanks to Daniel for the pictures
2017-11-27 – Added a video from YouTube with the VA-40-LT in action.
2017-11-22 – Got some nice pictures of the VLP-550 from a David. Thanks a lot.
2017-11-13 – Got some nice pictures of the VA-800 (24 frets) from a Michael. Thanks a lot.
2017-11-07 – Got a picture of the VA-900B-FL from a guy called Alex. Thanks and sorry it took 1 1/2 years before I published it.
2017-11-06 – Added som pictures for the VA-900B Thanks for the ‘headsup’, Alex!!
2017-11-05 – Got an email form a guy who has a VC-100, and he sent me some pictures.
Thanks you, Pascal!!
2017-11-01 – Added a review of the VA-900
2017-11-01 – Updated my list over ads, books and catalogs.
2017-10-31 – Added pictures of the VA-12-LT
2017-10-31 – Added pictures of the VLP-530
2017-10-30 – Added more pictures of the VA-810 sendt to me by mail. Thanks again Roger!!
2017-10-23 – I saw this model for sale on ebay.com a couple of years ago Vantage Z1B ???, and I’ve been trying to found out more about it. But with no luck at all. Anyone who knows something??
2017-10-23 – Added more pictures of the VE-550.
2017-10-23 – Added more pictures of the VP-790.
2017-10-22 – Added a picture of the VA-810 sendt to me by mail. Thanks Roger!!
2017-10-10 – Found some more information about Vantage production in Korea and filles it in in the Timeline of Vantage.
2017-10-10 – Here’s another story about Matsumoku told by Frank Meyer in his book “History of Japanese guitars”
2017-10-09 – I updated the information about Matsumoku witch I got from wikipedia.com.
2017-10-08 – Added even more pictures of the beautiful VSH-455 sendt to me by mail. Thanks again Pascal!!
2017-10-02 – Added more pictures of the VSH-455 sendt to me by mail. Thanks Pascal!!
2017-09-27 – Found a X-33B on a webshop in the USA. Welcome in to the family!!
2017-09-11 – Going thru my emails and I found a letter saying: “Hey… I have an interesting bass you may wish to add photos of. Courtesy of Ed Lauzon (Ottawa, Canada).” Take a good look of what he sendt me. He calls it the 99B-XHL-GX. Thanks again!!
2017-06-11 – Added more pictures of the 77-TD X.
2017-06-01 – Added more pictures of the VLP-540.
2017-05-28 – Just came over a SG-copy. Don’t know much about it yet. If you do, let me know.
2017-05-01 – Some one sendt me some pictures of a “new” model: VA-28. Thanks!!
2017-04-24 – Added more pictures of the VP-795 and the X-33.
2017-04-17 – Added more pictures of the VP-825.
2017-04-02 – Found some wonderfull pictures of the mysterious VT-60 (as we like call it) on ebay. It’s a Peavey T-60 copy with the Vantage-logo on.
2017-03-22 – Added more pictures of the 33-T.
2017-02-25 – Two more “new” models were spotted on the web. We welcome them into the Family: X-99B and VA-17-LT.
2017-02-20 – Sometime you find a “new” model on the web, but it look so similar to on e of the other guitars. So is the case of 33-T. It looks like a 33-TD-X. But thanks to the sticker, we know it’s a never before heard of 33-T.
2017-02-15 – Added more pictures of the CL-25E and updated specs, and specs on the CL-15-LT.
2017-02-13 – Someone sent me pictures of a CL-25E. Never heard of that model. Thanks Mr.J!!
2017-02-08 – Added more information of the AV-325B
2017-02-07 – Added more information of the X-88B
2017-02-01 – Added more pictures of the VS-695-12 that I received by email. Thanks.
2017-01-22 – Added more pictures of the Invader II and a grey VP-750
2017-01-18 – Added the plugin “FooBox Image Lightbox” to this site. Hope you like it.
2017-01-11 – Quest ‘Manhattan’-series is back: M-3, M-3X, M-3Z, M-3B and M-3BZ.
And the Quest ‘Classic’-series: QS-3, QS-3T and Q-B.
Last but not least: Quest ‘Mini Travel’-series Guitar and Bass

And after 1,5 month I’ve completed the transformation from html-writing to WordPress.

2017-01-09 – Atak 1, Atak 2, Atak 5 and Atak 6 …and all the models between. Just take a look at the ‘Gallery’
2017-01-08 – VW-90, VW-160, VW-170, VW-175, VW-190, VW-195, VW-250, VA-40CET, X-33, X-35, X-77, X-77T, X-77B, X-88, X-88B, X-99 and X-99B-FL
2017-01-07 – What is the connection between Vantage and Quest? Read all about it here: Quest by Vantage
2017-01-04 – VSH-435, VSH-445 and VSH-455.
2017-01-02 – VS-600B-FL, VS-600R, VS-600RB, VS-650, VS-650B, VS-695, VS-695-12, VS-695B, VS-696, VS-696-12 and VS-696B
2017-01-01 – VP-830B
2016-12-29 – VP-820, VP-820B, VP-825 and VP-825B
2016-12-28 – VP-710B, VP-790, VP-795 and VP-795B
2016-12-27 – The ‘VN’-series is back online.(No specs yet, but some pics there)
2016-12-26 – VE-545, VE-550, VE-565 and VE-570
2016-12-25 – Got a lot of models back online again, but not with all the specs. Still working on it. Just take a look at the ‘Gallery’
2016-12-24 – 33B-XF and 38-TD-X
2016-12-22- 315, LTD (VLP-style), VE-450 and VE-470
2016-12-19 – 33-TD, 33-TD-X, VA-900B, VA-900B-FL and VA-912
2016-12-18 – ‘FV-575’, ‘FV-588’, ‘FV-575B’, VA-900, ‘Invader-I’, ‘Invader-II’, ‘Invader V T’ and ‘Invader V TD’
2016-12-17 – ‘AV-325’, ‘AV-330’ and ‘AV-330MX’
2016-12-16 – Helped some old loose links to find home…
2016-12-14 – ‘VW-100’, ‘VW-150’ and ‘VW-180’
2016-12-12 – ‘VS-600B’, ‘VP-700B’, ‘VC-100’, ‘VC-120’ and ‘VC-150’
2016-12-11 – ‘VS-600’, ‘VLP-500’, ‘VLP-510’, ‘VLP-540’, ‘VLP-550’, ‘VP-700’ and ‘VP-750’.
2016-12-07 – ‘600VS’ and ‘700VP’.
2016-12-06 – The page with a list of ‘Vantage NOT-MIJ (Made in Japan)’ is back again..
2016-12-05 – ‘800VA’, ‘VA-800’, ‘VA-800 (24 frets)’ and ‘VA-810’.
2016-12-05 – ‘Tech Sheet’ found.
2016-12-05 – ‘AV-315’.
2016-12-05 – ‘AV-310’.
2016-12-05 – ‘V-100’.
2016-12-02 – I have to tell you where my ‘Sources’ comes from.
2016-12-01 – Added a new page ‘Catalogs and flyers’.
2016-11-29 – ‘Headpiece’ is back.
2016-11-29 – Site as ‘The History of Matsumoku’, ‘Timeline of the models’, ‘The Vantage Timeframe’ and ‘The Models Specification’ are back on. (But not the guitarmodels).
2016-11-28 – Added a Guestbook.
2016-11-27 – Started the work on the ‘new’ website. Now with the help of WordPress. All the old stuff is gone.