The MIJ Gallery

These are the models that were produced in Japan. Not complete and triplechecked…

Vantage electric, acoustics and bass guitars
By modelname

‘The First One’


AV Series ‘Avenger’










Flying V ‘Voodoo’





Invader I

Invader II

Invader V T

Invader V TD

‘SG’-copy Series


‘Standard II’ Series

‘Standard II’

‘Standard II Bass’

VA Series ‘Artist’



24 frets






The ‘Entertainer’Series

Vantage VE-450

Vantage VE-470

Vantage VE-545

Vantage VE-550

Vantage VE-565

Vantage VE-570

VLP Series ‘Spirit’

Vantage VLP-500

Vantage VLP-510

Vantage VLP-520

Vantage VLP-530

Vantage VLP-540

Vantage VLP-550

Electric LTD/VLP-style

Vantage LTD

VP Series

Vantage 700VP

Vantage VP-700

Vantage VP-710

Vantage VP-750

Vantage VTP-750

Vantage VP-790

Vantage VP-795

Vantage VP-820

Vantage VP-825

Vantage VP-830

Vantage VP-695B

Vantage VP-700B

Vantage VP-710B

Vantage VP-795B

Vantage VP-820B

Vantage VP-825B

Vantage VP-830B

VS Series

Vantage 600 VS

Vantage VS-600

Vantage VS-600R

Vantage VS-650

Vantage VS-690

Vantage VS-695

Vantage VS-695-12

Vantage VS-696

Vantage VS-696-12

Vantage VS-600B

Vantage VS-600B FL

Vantage VS-600RB

Vantage VS-650B

Vantage VS-695B

Vantage VS-695B-FL

Vantage VS-696B

‘VSH (Vantage Semi Hollowbodies)’ Series

Vantage VSH-435

Vantage VSH-445

Vantage VSH-455

‘VT’ Series

Vantage VT-60

Vantage VT-40B

The ‘X’ Series

Vantage X-33

Vantage X-35

Vantage X-77

Vantage X-77T

Vantage X-88

Vantage X-99

Vantage X-33B

Vantage X-77B

Vantage X-88B

Vantage X-99B

Vantage X-99B-FL

The ‘New X’ Series

Vantage 33-T

Vantage 33-TD

Vantage 33-TD X

Vantage 38-TD X

Vantage 77-TD X

Vantage 99-X

Vantage 99-TD X

Vantage 33B X

Vantage 33B XF

Vantage 77B X

Vantage 99B X

Vantage 99B-XHD-GX (headless)

Vantage 99B-XHF-GX (headless and fretless)

The ‘Basically Hot’ Series

Vantage 315 S

Vantage 315 ST

Vantage 315 STX

The ‘New Avenger’ Series

Vantage 315

Vantage 315 T

Vantage 315 T-X

Vantage 325 TD-X

Vantage 315 SB

Vantage 315 SBX

Vantage 315B

Vantage 315B-X

Vantage 325B

Vantage 325B-X

The ‘V’ Series (coming soon)

Acoustic Classical/Nylon Strings Guitars

Vantage VC-100

Vantage VC-120

Vantage VC-150

Acoustic Western/Steel Strings Guitars

Vantage VW-90

Vantage VW-100

Vantage VW-150

Vantage VW-154D

Vantage VW-160

Vantage VW-170

Vantage VW-175

Vantage VW-180

Vantage VW-190

Vantage VW-195

Vantage VW-250

Acoustic Steel Strings Guitars

Vantage VA 10 LT

Vantage VA 10 DK

Vantage VA 12 LT

Vantage VA 12 DK

Vantage VA 15 LT

Vantage VA 15 BK

Vantage VA 17 LT

Vantage VA 20

Vantage VA 22 C-B

Vantage VA 22/12

Vantage VA 25

Vantage VA 28

Vantage VA 30 ACS

Vantage VA-30 DOK (N)

Vantage VA-30 DOK

Vantage VA-35-CE

Vantage VA-35-LCE

Vantage VA-40-C

Vantage VA-40-CET

Vantage VA-40-N

Vantage VA 40/12

Vantage VA 40 S

Vantage VA-50-LCE

Vantage VA-50-LCET

Acoustic Natural/Steel Strings Guitars

Vantage VN 200

Vantage VN 200F

Vantage VN 200-12

Vantage VN 220

Vantage VN 2212

LTD Acoustic /Steel Strings Guitars

Vantage LTD

Acoustic Craviola/Steel Strings Guitars

Vantage CL 15 LT

(Craviola style

Vantage CL 25E

(Craviola style


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