Welcome to my trubutesite to Vantage Guitars Made In Japan.

I can not take credit for the information on this site. I’m just a collector of Vantage Guitar – information.

I must say thanks to all the wonderful people on these sites who have shared their information and photos with us on the Internet: – my main source and where this idea came from. Many great guitar enthusiasts online here.
WikiPedia – online encyclopedia.
ebay – where you can buy and sell almost anything. – is a free webspace, were you can use it to find photos, description or the price of a guitar. – if it is on the internet, you’ll find it with Google. – a Norwegian website for buying and selling stuff. – a forum for “El Degas replica instruments”. – a Danish website for buying and selling stuff. – a Danish website for buying and selling stuff. – The History of Vantage as a part of Samick – a website with guitar-stuff

Most gathered by using

There are written a hole bunch of books and magazine articles about guitars. I found something about Vantage MIJ in these books and magazines:

“History of Japanese electric Guitars” by Frank Meyers – ISBN 987-1-57424-315-4
“Guitar Stories Volume 1” by Michael Wright – ISBN 9781884883033

I’ll also found ads and catalogs with information about Vantage.

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Special thanks to these people for their help and contribution:
Kees Rietvink
Tsvetan Bratoychev
Patrick Roach
Pablo Rojero
Scott Campbell
Peter ‘Willfixinedit’
Bernie Brunet
Jeremy Ploof
Dave from Everking The Band
Brian Hugessen
Jack Jack
Henrik Johannesen
Antoine Mercier
Kristen Ovenden
Patrick Lafrenière
Robert Ennor
Gilles Adams
Pierre-Sébastien Thériault
Ethan Johnson
Nelson Luiz Christianini
David DeVries
Ed Lauzon (Ottawa, Canada)
Pascal Lacabe
Roger Bergkvist
Pascal Boraschi
Michael Platzer
David Brown
Daniel Bolenbaugh
Roger Topp
Craig DeLay
Patrick Scanlan
Blandiniere Guillaume


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