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Christopher Van Epps Christopher Van Epps from Atlanta, GA wrote on 2019-01-08 at 04:58:
I have a VP795B bass guitar that I bought second-hand in my first year of college for $200. s/n 1121062. In the thirty years after, I've used it in all of my recordings and it has been a crucial part of my sound. I took it out the other day after six years of storage and I swear, it didn't need very much tuning at all. That neck through the body means I may never need another bass. Clearly, the best $200 ever spent.
Ethan Ethan from Gloucester wrote on 2018-12-22 at 08:35:
Ive recently aquired a vantage vs25 ce, and i cant seem to find info ANYWHERE!? Was there a limited run of these guitars or is just no one posting about them???
Tom Balek Tom Balek from Lake Wylie, SC wrote on 2018-12-08 at 19:46:
I just saved a beat up Vantage ME475 from a flea market. Terribly beat up, but clearly a quality guitar. I sanded it and painted it white, and installed new pots and bridge. Plays beautifully and has a unique tone and growl due to hot two rail bridge humbucker and single rail neck humbucker. I can't find any mention online of a Vantage ME model. Looks like an Avenger. Serial number 1030124, should be March 1981 Matsumoku. If anybody has insight, please share! Thanks, great website.
Terry Terry from Chuckey wrote on 2018-11-30 at 00:45:
My wife gave me a VS 650 sometime in the 80's. Never been much of an electric player until recently. Played acoustic at our church, but when we picked up a 2nd acoustic player, I got out my Vantage. Learning as I go. Out of curiosity, could anyone tell me the fretboard radius for this guitar?
Kevin strong Kevin strong from Banwell wrote on 2018-11-13 at 07:22:
Some interesting info. I would like to see a comprehensive book published surrounding Japanese acoustic guitars. I believe this would be a much harder book to produce as electric guitars are not as difficult to trace there history line.

Nobody has really produced a book on this subject properly, there are a few pages devoted to acoustic guitars, but nothing of real note.

I'd be interested if there was a dedicated book, but I guess the subject is far too complex to consider.
Dave Dave from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada wrote on 2018-11-10 at 01:06:
Thanks very much for this WEB site. I bought my VS600 in a pawn shop in 1990 for $100.00 and it came with a small amplifier. I didn't know much about it then but over the years they seem to be appreciated more and more. I play mine almost daily and it's still in great shape and sounds good too. Serial number 1050473. Nice to know now, that it's from May of 1981.
con con from ADELAIDE wrote on 2018-11-07 at 10:59:
David "GhostGuitarPro" J. David "GhostGuitarPro" J. wrote on 2018-07-14 at 09:11:
I owned a beautiful 1979-1980 Sunburst Vantage Les Paul with a pick guard. I wanted a Gibson V so my parents made me trade it in (with extra cash) in 1984 for a Gibson V from Ray Hennigs Heart of Music in Austin, Texas. I wish I could have kept it since it was a Japanese superior quality compared to today's modern LP copies from China, Korea... Too bad I don't still have it!
Matt Matt from Macon Ga wrote on 2018-07-03 at 08:48:
I bought my Vantage VP795 new In 1982. I have had it ever since. I bought it because it was the hghest quality electric guitar that I could afford. In all 40 years that I have owned it, it still plays better than any other guitar I have found anywhere at any price high or low. It still plays great and sounds good. The 3 piece maple neck makes it better because I don't have to adjust the trussrod nearly as often as I do on my Gibsons.
Eddie Eddie from Gold Coast wrote on 2018-06-28 at 15:03:
I have had a bass VP-710B serial 103025 for a few years now. Just trying to confirm that it would be a March 81 product and what sort of value someone would put on it in excellent condition for insurance purposes. I either play this or a Steinberger. It's nice to find such an excellent site.
Peter Peter from Melbourne wrote on 2018-06-02 at 09:40:
Hi I own 3 Vantage guitars and they are excellent made instruments. one is a Les Paul LTD in black, VE 570 and a 33 TDX black all guitars are in great condition, if I can help with pictures of the VE570 please let me know.
Neal Keyser Neal Keyser from Wentzville wrote on 2018-05-27 at 21:02:
Hello Johan!

Thanks so much for the credit! My Matsumoku guitar site has been around for coming on 20 years now and it was thanks to enthusiasts such as you who made this possible. I have had many Vantage guitars and still have my Ghost.

It is good to see someone giving credit to for their work.

Thanks again!
Neal Keyser
Founder of
Graham Graham from Edinburgh wrote on 2018-05-20 at 21:42:
Great info. Just helped me buy, What appears to be a 33-TDX.
Carlos A Sotolongo Carlos A Sotolongo from Burbank wrote on 2018-03-25 at 20:02:
Thank you for making and maintaining this awesome site! By far the best source of Vantage info I’ve found. I have a VE565 and a VS696, love them both.
Keith Keith from Toronto, Canada wrote on 2018-03-16 at 06:33:
Thanks for the interesting website. I purchased my first electric guitar, a Vantage EntertainAr in 1982 from GB Sound in Burlington, Ontario (the sticker is still on the headstock, but the shop is long gone). By comparing against your site, I can see that it's a VE-550 model although I don't see that noted on the guitar. It has a black finish and looks identical to the black model on the VE-550 page (and the serial number is 2050703 - indicating manufacture in May 1982 which is only 12 digits before the one pictured). I found the only problem with the guitar was that it suffered from "neck dive" where the neck is heavier than the body. I'm thinking of trying to fill in the electronics cavity section in the back with ball bearings or something else to properly balance it. Thanks again for the interesting website - I only ever knew one other person who had a vantage (my friend and I bought them together, he chose the Les Paul model).
Greg Greg from Lawrence wrote on 2018-03-03 at 03:19:
I bought my first guitar in Southport QLD Aust in 1980. It has been my constant source of joy since. She has been slammed in doorways, hit by ceiling fans, bounced down steel forecastle steps at sea and bounced out of the water after the ship went down after being sunk by a 150mt coal freighter 12 nms off 0Port Douglas. Still has salt water in her cause i didnt rinse it out. Frets are gouged by my finger nails, but wouldnt play any other guitar. Lovin the Vantage a lot. Would love to post a pick. It was one of the celllo baxked ones. Depth of tone is incredible
Steve Steve from Boston, MA wrote on 2018-02-11 at 00:52:
Thanks for the great website. Vantage are really well made underrated guitars and basses. I have four Vantage basses. A VS 695B that I put some Dimazios in that will put any P bass to shame. A VP 820 B in like new condition also with some Dimazios, and my pride and joy a VA 900 B in close to new condition. And not forget my beloved VS-600B fretless (SWEET). The 900 is probably the nicest bass I have ever played. I heard these came with Dimazios. I was glad to find the catalog page on your site as the tone controls have always been a guess.
Thorsten Thorsten from Filderstadt, Germany wrote on 2017-12-30 at 23:14:
I bought my VS600 in the 80s. Its SN starts 204, April 82. I used it during my band time at school. Recently, I reactivated it again. Still sounds cool!
Brian vess Brian vess from Atlanta Ga wrote on 2017-12-26 at 23:10:
Bought a Vantage VS 20 TS at a pawn shop in NC for 60$..By far the best money I ever spent on a guitar. Bought it in 2000..still playing it as we speak..Loved the sound then still do now..
Peter Peter from Melbourne wrote on 2017-12-11 at 22:36:
Excellent site for a range of amazing Matsumoku made work-horse guitars, built with super solid necks that last the test of time (VS-600R-California Blue)