Vantage VS-650B

From an advert:

Not so lang ago the only way to get some people to listen to you was with a shotgun. Sometimes you still need the power of a weapon to deliver your message.
And when your message is rock, the most power weapon is a Vantage guitar. Because the Vantage guitar speaks rock.

The Vantage 650 has two specially-designed MF-450 pick-ups which deliver a sizzling sound that penetrates. Its coil-tap and pick-up selector
enable you to achieve a wide range of toneal colors. The 650’s neck provides the optimum in playability and intonation. And the dense, ash body
of the Vantage 650 yields greater sustain and poser.

The Vantage 650B bass guitar is designed to provide the ultimate in punch and drive. Advanced technology results ina neck which eliminates dead
spots. The 650B delivers crisp, pointed attacks. And its contoured, maple/walnut body ensurees rich sound and exeptional playability.

Discover the superlative design, craftsmanship and sound available from Vantage. At remarkably affordable prices.

Vantage. The new wave in guitars. The new weapon for rock. Knock ’em dead.

From an advert
Shatting the barriers to progress

The bass guitar is the foundation for your music. Whether you’re playing jazz, rock or standards, it supports the entire group. Without a solid bass, the bottom line just falls out.

We’ve taken a close look at the bass guitar. And we’ve come up with a line of truly progressive instruments that overcome the limits of the past. Basses that stand up anything on the market – at any price.

The Vantage 650B has been designed for the ultimate in punch and drive in a sexy, cost-effective bass. An improved bolt-on neck construction reduces unwanted resonance, and ultra-hot 600-PB pick-ups ensure crisp,
pointed attacks. A dense, laminated maple/walnut bodyprovides a penetrating sound and is naturally contoured and balanced for maximum playability.

We developed our Vantage 710B for bass players who want tonal variety with increased sustain. A revolutionary set-in neck and laminated maple/ash boddy provide a deep, rounded sound. Innovatie 765-PB pick-ups with
individual controls for exceptionally wide response and precise regulationover the 710B’s extensive range.

Both of these progressive basses feature a unique bridge which enables fine-tuning of string length and height for discrete intonation and action adjustments. Advanced methods og fret positioning ensure exceptional intonation
and string balance, throughout the entire fingerboard.

Vantage is breaking the sound barriers. With bass guitars that works.

The bottom line will never sound the same.

Specifications Data

Body (material & Construction) Mahogany with laminated maple center block and walnut stripes.
Neck (material & Construction) Three-piece laminated mahogany bolt-on detachable design with adustable truss rod.
Fingerboard Rosewood .
Scale length 34¼ inches.
Number of frets 22 frets.
Pickups One Vantage 600-PB custom-engeneered “Split coil” humbucking bass pickup.
Controls One Volum controll
One Tone controll
Bridge Heavy-duty, two-way adjustable bridge/tailpiece.
Tuners Chrome plated, die-cast precision turner.
Nut Non-slip plastic speed knobs.
Hardware Chrome
Finishes Natural wood, matte finish.
In production 1981


(The guitars may have been modified by it’s owners over the years…)