Vantage catalogs, flyers, ads and books.

This list is taken from the web-page ‘’ and then a added a few more.

Made in Japan:
Catalog 1: 1979/80 models. 1979-vantage
Catalog 2: 1980/81 models. 1980-vantage
Catalog 3: Acoustic 1982. 1982-vantage-acustic
Catalog 4: “Born to rock”: 1982/83 models. 1982-vantage
Catalog 5: 1984/85 models. 1984-vantage
Tech Sheet unknow year techsheet-01
A flyer unknow year vantage-flyer

Made in Korea and Indonesia:
1995 catalog: 1995-vantage
1996 catalog: 1996-vantage
1996 catalog acoustic: 1996-vantage-acustic
1997 Indonesia flyer: 1997-vantage
1997 Indonesia flyer acoustic: 1997-vantage-acustic

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Other Vantage-related brands:
QUEST, ATAK and Manhattan 1980:

Ads from magazines:
1980 Vantage VS-600 ad
1980 Denny Laine and his VA-900 ad
Played in Moody Blues.
1980 Vantage guitars Stack Music ad Denny Laine, Doug Binskin and Clive Cherry.
Creem 1980 September Vantage VP-790 ad
1980 October Vantage VS-650B and
VP-710B ad
1981 Vantage Avenger AV-325 ad
1981 May French Magazine Rock & Folk ad
Vantage VA-900
1982 Vantage FV-575 ad
1982 Vantage VP-820B ad
1984 Vantage Avenger ad
Vantage VP-710B ad
Vantage VS-690 ad
1981 Vantage VS-650B ad
1984 Quest Manhattan M3-BZ / Quest Atak-6X ad
Pat Lupo on bass
Gary Gramolini on guitar. Both members of John Cafferty and
The Beaver Brown Band
1995 Vantage VS-335EQ ad with

From magazines:
Vantage VA-800 review

From books:
WRIGHT, MICHAEL – Guitar Stories Volume 1
ISBN 9781884883033
History of Japanese Electric Guitars by Frank Meyers (English) Paperback Book
ISBN 9781574243154