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JC JC from Darlington SC wrote on 2019-10-27 at 05:00:
I had the VS-695B and I loved it. Great with a pick or fingers. Great for stoner/doom riffs. Passive pickup, brass nut and saddles, comfy weight and neck, lightweight bass gave it better mids and highs, set neck that was also bolted, so a very comfy joint. Neck got a bit wide toward the body, but the nut width was great. Got it for under $200 on ebay. Don't let that fool you, out of the decade I played this was a very enjoyable bass. MIJ. 4/5 stars. Would buy again.
Pavel Kazakevich Pavel Kazakevich from Daugavpils, Latvijā wrote on 2019-10-15 at 13:18:
I have a Vantage VP825, Playing 20 years, great guitar.
Thank you for a good website!
Tristan Parker Tristan Parker from Sydney wrote on 2019-06-04 at 09:53:
The first bass I ever played was a blue stained VS696B had an awesome sound even then, just started playing again and the first thing that came to mind is I should track another one down. Great basses.
Dennis Dennis from Melbourne wrote on 2019-05-23 at 14:43:
I picked up a vw100 yesterday for $90 AUD.
I never heard of Vantage before. But dang it sounds beautiful.
It's had 40 years to dry out, and it sounds superb.
Don Crews Don Crews from Jackson, Tennessee wrote on 2019-05-10 at 00:51:
I bought my Vantage VLP-510 serial number 060675 from a local music store in 1980. I kept the guitar for approximately three years before selling it to friend. I always regretted selling the guitar and hoped that one day I might find another like it. I lost touch with the friend that I had sold the guitar to as well. About five years ago I was at a local store and ran across the friend that I had sold my guitar to and asked if she still had it. Amazingly she said that she did! My next question of course was “do you want to sell it?”. Unfortunately the answer was no. So, I gave her my phone number and told her that if she ever decided to sell it to please let me know. And then it happened. A little over a year ago she called and asked if I still wanted to buy the guitar back. I couldn’t get to her house fast enough! So, after thirty five years my guitar came back to me. It has been treated with the greatest of love over the years because this guitar is in nearly mint condition. And I am one happy guy!
Thanks for the great site. Learning more about these amazing instruments has been a blast!
Lee Lee from Maynard wrote on 2019-05-02 at 08:17:
Hi. I was looking for a good strat to round out the arsenal, but didn’t want to spend a lot. I found a black beauty 1985 strat and grabbed her for about 200. Putting new strings on and playing around, I start to see the bones of a sweet guitar. Doing a little research led me here. Thank you so much. I will post pics. I am working on the intonation and saddle height, but it’s a solid setup for sure. I am impressed at how well this guitar has held up. The fretboard seems to be some sort of dark synthetic material as opposed to wood, maybe it would with some sort of thin overspray. Don’t know, but it feels fantastic. Very glad I grabbed this.
Sam Nieto Sam Nieto from Albuquerque NM wrote on 2019-04-20 at 01:08:
I brought my Vantage VS600R serial#1091292 late 1981. I was in the Navy when I came home on leave. I went to Wild West Music and tried a lot of guitars, I didn't even plug them in. Close to the end of my search I came up to "Baby Blue" and I was amazed by the resonance and volume of the guitar not plugged in. And I still have it and it sounds perfect. Only modification is that I replaced the factory nut with a brass nut. Thank you for this website I've learned so much about the body materials which I thought was maple not mahogany.
Craig Craig from Mechanicsburg wrote on 2019-04-17 at 03:57:
Thanks for the great site. I purchased my Vantage VA-900B in the spring of 1981 from Chuck Levin's Music in Washington DC. Based on the serial number information you provided, I now know that it was manufactured just months before, in Dec 1980. I don't play it out anymore as I want to preserve it as much as possible, but it is still an amazing instrument. Aside from some tarnishing of the gold finish on the hardware and a nearly unnoticeable chip in the center to the top edge of the headstock, it is truly magnificent. The only part I had to replace on the bass (aside from strings) is the pickup selector, which snapped (replaced with a matching piece).
orjan orjan from berlin wrote on 2019-03-29 at 17:31:
Cool to find this web site dedicated to Vantage!
Bought my VS-600B bass in the early 80's and put it through hell until it ended up in storage some 20 years ago. For awhile I modified it into an 8-string bass which the neck was obviously not designed for. Then I ripped the frets off which I later regretted. However, a great solid instrument surviving all evil things I did to it. I'm in the process of restoring it and will upload the progress to FB, Pursuit of Tone.
Peter Peter from Beaconsfield Tasmania wrote on 2019-03-25 at 14:24:
Thank you for the work you have put into this site.
I have a late 81 VA900B, which I have owned from new, purchased at a now closed music store in Ingleburn NSW.
I have had opportunity/need to play other basses but nothing has compared. Low action - smooth and fast neck without drag, deep tone, and amazing sustain make for an excellent instrument.
Mine will never be for sale while I am still able to play - even then I will likely hang on to it until I gift it rather than sell.
Only work ever done to it is replacement of the 3 control knobs as the originals tarnished - replacements were very similar.
It matches beautifully with the piano-wound strings from Roto-Sound RS99 LDG.
Detlev Detlev wrote on 2019-02-28 at 15:07:
I still own a VW100 from 1977 (the sticker inside states 1977 as serial number!), but perhaps gonna sell it soon as it was replaced by a Yamaha lately.
I guess there weren't so many sold here in Germany.
perry perry from mount pearl, newfoundland wrote on 2019-02-12 at 20:23:
Bought a Vantage VS40CE/M LH back in the mid-90's and sold it in 2008, replaced with a lefty Tanglewood.

Truthfully the Tangle is a better guitar, but I kinda miss my Vantage and wish I could find a pic of the exact same model online!
Josh Josh from Toronto wrote on 2019-01-31 at 18:15:
Great to have found history on my Vantage, have acquired many quitars since then some very expensive. Just appreciate the artform and workmanship better than my play.... although I do have fun with them. Purchased at the Richmond Trading post in 1985 for $150. Its been kicking around ever since being passed to each kid as they went through their teens. July 2018, suffered a catastrophic house fire, everything lost, over 45k in quitars.. one survived buried deep in a closet. My old VS 696, serial # 3020401. Have been consumed with the destruction of PRS 10 tops, pre law suit and all the rest of the classics but when the dust settled I remembered that this was the only guitar my father bought me and he passed the next year. So in retrospect, if I could have chosen one to survive, this would have been it. Brings comfort to know more about it.
Dave Dave wrote on 2019-01-27 at 23:41:
Inn my youth I sold my "first" other brand electric guitar in search of an electric with two humbuckers. I didn't even know if anyone made such a thing, just knew i wanted one so I could make it sing the way I wanted it to sound (talent still required).
The local music store had a 1979 Vantage 700VP MYSTIC and I was in love. Loved the sound, loved the look, loved the feel.
I went into the same store a month later and hanging on the wall waiting to be re-strung was a Vantage bass VS600B ser: 0090600 (1980 september #0600 how cool is that) with the same colour and almost the same finish. I asked what it would be selling for and he said $100. I said, "SOLD!", I'll be back when you're done stringing it.

Still have them, never going to sell them.
Christopher Van Epps Christopher Van Epps from Atlanta, GA wrote on 2019-01-08 at 04:58:
I have a VP795B bass guitar that I bought second-hand in my first year of college for $200. s/n 1121062. In the thirty years after, I've used it in all of my recordings and it has been a crucial part of my sound. I took it out the other day after six years of storage and I swear, it didn't need very much tuning at all. That neck through the body means I may never need another bass. Clearly, the best $200 ever spent.
Ethan Ethan from Gloucester wrote on 2018-12-22 at 08:35:
Ive recently aquired a vantage vs25 ce, and i cant seem to find info ANYWHERE!? Was there a limited run of these guitars or is just no one posting about them???
Tom Balek Tom Balek from Lake Wylie, SC wrote on 2018-12-08 at 19:46:
I just saved a beat up Vantage ME475 from a flea market. Terribly beat up, but clearly a quality guitar. I sanded it and painted it white, and installed new pots and bridge. Plays beautifully and has a unique tone and growl due to hot two rail bridge humbucker and single rail neck humbucker. I can't find any mention online of a Vantage ME model. Looks like an Avenger. Serial number 1030124, should be March 1981 Matsumoku. If anybody has insight, please share! Thanks, great website.
Terry Terry from Chuckey wrote on 2018-11-30 at 00:45:
My wife gave me a VS 650 sometime in the 80's. Never been much of an electric player until recently. Played acoustic at our church, but when we picked up a 2nd acoustic player, I got out my Vantage. Learning as I go. Out of curiosity, could anyone tell me the fretboard radius for this guitar?
Kevin strong Kevin strong from Banwell wrote on 2018-11-13 at 07:22:
Some interesting info. I would like to see a comprehensive book published surrounding Japanese acoustic guitars. I believe this would be a much harder book to produce as electric guitars are not as difficult to trace there history line.

Nobody has really produced a book on this subject properly, there are a few pages devoted to acoustic guitars, but nothing of real note.

I'd be interested if there was a dedicated book, but I guess the subject is far too complex to consider.
Dave Dave from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada wrote on 2018-11-10 at 01:06:
Thanks very much for this WEB site. I bought my VS600 in a pawn shop in 1990 for $100.00 and it came with a small amplifier. I didn't know much about it then but over the years they seem to be appreciated more and more. I play mine almost daily and it's still in great shape and sounds good too. Serial number 1050473. Nice to know now, that it's from May of 1981.