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Jeff Disbrow Jeff Disbrow from Wallingford, Connecticut wrote on 2022-10-17 at 19:33
My Mom gave me $1000 bucks for graduating high school in 1983. Went to Brian Guitars to buy a new bass. Wasn't sure if I wanted a Rick or a Fender P. Tried out both of them and I love the sound of both of those, so when I picked up the Vantage VP825B (active) I was blown away. I seemed to be able to get very close to both sounds with that one bass. It played like a dream too. It was $500 cheaper than the Ric and $300 cheaper than the Fender. It was a no brainer. I still have it and it's gonna be 40 next year. Never have to adjust the neck, never goes out of tune. It's an amazing instrument!! Pretty much the only bass I've played or ever needed. I did finally get a Ric, but my Vantage holds its own next to it and is still my go to. It was also really cool to see Lemmy playing a Vantage in the Fun Facts below!!
Roger Asprey Roger Asprey from Truro, NS, Canada wrote on 2022-09-23 at 21:39
Recently bought a Vantage 225B-1 bass at my local pawn shop for $50. What a great bass. Best money I've spent in a long time.
Alex Torres Alex Torres from Manila wrote on 2022-08-26 at 16:09
I was a newbie back then when I bought my guitar in a local guitar store's garage sale. I just thought it was beautiful and inexpensive. I didn't know how rare it was. I've been combing through the net for the exact model of it ever since.

I have finally found out it's a Vantage VDL 21A (dark green metallic)
David Brookman David Brookman from Adelaide, South Australia wrote on 2022-05-31 at 08:26
My first guitar was a Vantage AV-330 bought in 1982 just like the one pictured in the gallery of this website, serial number 2010016 - my guitar’s serial number is 2010015! I still own this guitar today and it still plays beautifully- great action and it still has the original pickups too. I will never sell this guitar which is great news for my son who will inherit it.
Elliott MacDonald Elliott MacDonald from Ottawa wrote on 2022-04-19 at 01:11
Hello everyone.
When I was young, I received a 1982? blue Vantage AV330-MX as a gift from my father. Shortly after I got it, it was unfortunately destroyed beyond repair in an accident.
I am hoping to one day replace it with the exact same model.
If anyone happens upon this guitar, I might be interested in buying it.
Great website, BTW.
Charlie Keating Charlie Keating from BRIGHTON wrote on 2022-04-14 at 09:52
Looking to purchase one from the 70's today. Looking forward to it
Elliott Elliott wrote on 2022-03-27 at 21:17
This is an amazing idea for a website. I’m hoping this message makes it to fellow Vantage guitar enthusiasts.
In 1988 I was given a candy apple blue Vantage Avenger 330-MX. I loved that instrument. Sadly, it ended up destroyed within a few months of me owning it.
Would love a chance to replace that exact guitar if someone has one.
Mattias Mattias from Örebro, Sweden wrote on 2022-03-12 at 19:45
I got a Vantage VA-810 when i was 6 years old, about 20 years ago. The guitar is really good looking and sounds great. Nice to find this website!
Tristan Evans Tristan Evans from Kooralbyn wrote on 2022-01-17 at 11:50
I got my first Vantage in a swap and instantly knew I got the better end of the deal by far, it is a VS600B Witch bass and I still have her over 20 years later. I’m in Australia and there’s a few about but they’re not common that’s for sure. I know also have two acoustics also - a VA 22CR and an LTD which is my favourite. I still need more (electric and I would love a 455 hollow body that’s my dream guitar) I very rarely look at any other brands and the ones I do own are nowhere near as good as any of my Vantage guitars.
John Broomfield John Broomfield from Coldwater wrote on 2022-01-12 at 14:07
Great site- I collect L 5's but had to get a 335 copy- just ordered a 1992 cherry 635V from a shop way out in NW Alberta....all good as I am Samick fan...just keep being impressed by MIK quality from 80's-90's. thanks for putting up this great info centre.
Paul Paul from Winnipeg wrote on 2022-01-03 at 20:48
I have a mini bass traveler, nice enough shape, had it for years,
Justin Case Justin Case from Spotsylvania wrote on 2021-11-20 at 23:46
I just finished restoring and customizing my AV-310 I bought new in 1985.
These inexpensive gems were remarkably well made for the price.
Rocco Dogsbody Rocco Dogsbody from Vancouver, BC wrote on 2021-10-18 at 08:15
Love the website - great to have all this info in one place at last. I have a Spirit VLP-540, bought new in 1980 and gigged with off an on ever since. It's a great, durable guitar that has seen me through a lot of years!
Chuck Evans Chuck Evans from Middletown wrote on 2021-09-06 at 08:19
I remember when Vantage guitars first hit the market. I worked as a teacher in a music store in the 80s. As soon as the VSH455 appeared, I bought one. I still have it and it is my go to guitar for Jazz gigs large and small and has been my battle axe in countless performance environments. Awesome guitar.
Mark hutson Mark hutson from Durban, South Africa wrote on 2021-08-30 at 10:29
Super awesome and informative website gents well done.

I came across a Vp750 at a pawn shop.
Liked the look sound and feel of it . Bought it .never looked back.

12 years later found out it's model from this site.
Only to find out it's a relic gem . Super versatile with massive tones & unbelievable sustain .

And bass register oh my.. it even tunes to the lower c range . I love playing it. But also want to preserve it hang it up as collector peice..

Cudos and my hat off to the team.
James W Taylor James W Taylor from Kincardine wrote on 2021-08-15 at 02:10
The silver lining in the dark cloud of Covid was to give me the time to make good on my life long promise to relearn how to play the guitar. I left my almost rarely used Vantage VW 100 in Florida when I returned to Canada. I have since bought 2 guitars to play and spend the winter researching guitars only to learn that my Vantage guitar was built in 1979 during the Golden Age of Japanese guitar making. I cant wait to return this fall to polish it up and play it for the first time in years. Does anyone know if the top is solid Sitka spruce and what type of solid mahogany is the back and sides - where was it sourced?
Rev Robert CORNELL Rev Robert CORNELL from HOPE VALLEY wrote on 2021-07-12 at 23:25

Scott H Scott H from Seattle wrote on 2021-07-09 at 01:59
Thanks for the site! I have a VA 10 LT ('83, I think?) that I bought in college for $150, and have loved it ever since. Never could find info about it until I stumbled here by chance. It gets compliments all the time, couldn't be happier.
Jim Olsen Jim Olsen from Mission B.C. Canada wrote on 2021-06-27 at 08:42
Great website, great to see someone tracing the history of Vantage. I've owned my Vantage X99 bass since 1985, bought it used. The beautiful sculpted, neck through design has made it an absolute dream to play. Until this website it has been hard to find out anything about where it was built etc. Thanks again, Jim.
Eric Eric from Calgary wrote on 2021-06-24 at 05:14
I had a Korean Vantage 335 in the later 90s but I sold it. Wish I still had it. Just picked up a VP825. Happy to have the information here to learn about my cool 80s guitar. Thanks for the website.