From a catalog:
Vantage VA900 Series

A “top-of-the-line” instrument in every sense of the word, the Vantage VA900 virtuoso solid body guitar offers the descriminating player superlative construction and finishing work, the finest woods available and a multi-faceted active/passive electronic system representing the most quiet, state-of-the-art design available today.

The neck-through-body “transmit” design provides the ultimate in stability and sustain.

The special active/passive circuitry consists of an active preamp providing up to 13 dB of boost to overdrive your sound and an active equalization/tone control offering a total of ±25 dB of tone shaping.

Two custom-designed Vantage #600GD humbucking pickups produce a powerful and articulated sound.

A coil tap and phaser reversal switch help to further modify the sound.

Specifications Data

Scale length 25½ inches
Number of frets 24
Neck (material & construction) Three pieces of laminated maple with two walnut stripes and a multilayered center of ask, walnut and maple running the entire length of the guitar in the “transmit” style design.
Adjustable truss rod.
Fingerboard Rosewood with a brass nut.
Body (material & construction) Multi-layered ash, walnut and maple with two walnut strings.
Finish Matte oak finish.
Pickups Two Vantage 600GD custom-engineered humbucking pickups.
Circuitry Preamp volume boost and active tone equalizatiion.
Controls and switches Master volume
Active treble & bass control
Coil tap / phase / boost / pickup selector switches.
LED indicates low battery level (two 9 volt)
Machine heads Gold-plated, die-cast precision tuners.
Control knobs Brass with groove grip.
Bridge / talepiece Brass adjustable combination bridge / tailepiece.
In production 1979


Catalog 1979/1980

(The guitars may have been modified by it’s owners over the years…)