The VA line is the successor line of the older VA guitars (1979 – 1982/83).

In the cataloge it says its size is “taille folk – pan coupe” mening it’s “folk size” = smaller then a jumbo or a dreadnought – and a cutaway.

Specifications Data

Name S –
L –
C – cutaway
Body Solid German Spurce top.
“Folk Size”
Ashwood back and sides.
Bodydimmention 101 x 118,5 x 90 mm
Bodystyle Vantage Full-Sonic arched back.
Soundhole Oval.
Neck Mahogany.
Fingerboard Indian Rosewood that reaches into the soundhole to provide two frets more for the B and the E string (only).
Scale length 24-1/4 inches
Number of frets 22 frets + 2
Amended Swedish Steel
Bridge Bridge with individual String Tuning.
Tuners Gold plated
GS 38X (16:1).
Finishes Flammed Antique Tobacco.
In production from 1982

Tech Sheet


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(The guitars may have been modified by it’s owners over the years…)